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“Give, but give until it hurts.” ~Blessed Mother Teresa Of Calcutta~ Roman Catholic Nun

Are We Worth Your Time, Consideration And Money? You Decide: Top 10 Accommodating Services
1. Returning Your Calls Or Attempts At Communication:
  • Our goal less than one hour.
2. Periodically Contact You To Make Sure Things Are Going Well:
  •  Let’s have a relaxed sit down 4 times a year to focus on the bad and the good.
  • Communication is all there is, it builds trust and loyalty. Without it, you will fire us!
3. Documenting Your Complaints:
  • Ever wonder what’s done with your complaints when you express them?
  • You (contact your salesperson)They( contact the supervisor)
  • He (places the complaint on the janitors permanent to do list)
  • Janitor (corrects the complaint) usually immediately or less than a week, depending on the complexity.
4. Are We Thrilled When You Call? Do You Feel You Are Important To Us?
  • Answer; yes to both: good, great, all is well.
  • Answer; no to both: we’re letting you down; that’s unacceptable.
5. Vital Supplies: Toilet Paper, Hand Soap, Paper Towels, Trash Bags:
  • Should we inform you when you’re low or should we let you figure it out on your own?
  • I don’t know, let’s ask the person in the restroom when you’re completely out. Ouch! Wrong answer.
6. Is Something Broken Or Not Working? Did We Break Something?
  • You can’t be in all places at all times. We can be your eyes.
  • Is it worth losing your trust by hiding mistakes? We don’t believe so. Trust is really all we have.
7. Do We Act As An Industry Expert And Advisor, Or Just A Commercial Cleaning Service?
  • Sometimes you need more than a cleaner.
  • We have to be someone you can trust enough to ask for help.
8. Security Issues:
  • Did someone leave the front door unsecure?
  • Was the alarm not set when we arrived?
  • Did someone try to break in the facility last night and the police were called?
  • From minor to major, it’s our job to help you do your job.
9. Background Checks/Commercial Insurance:
  • Do we care enough to do our best to protect you?
  • These things aren’t a 100% guarantee, but they help comfort levels.


The Levels Of Service:

Maryco Elite Service: For Janitorial Services In Indianapolis

Cleans Anywhere And Everywhere:

  • High dust vents, light fixtures, pictures, door frames etc.
  • Low dust window ledges, shelves, bookcases, file cabinets etc.
  • Dust chairs, desks, tables, counters and general furniture
  • Dust Venetian blinds, chair bases and table legs
  • Empty all trash and dispose of, replace soiled liners, spot clean cans
  • Clean ashtrays and sand urns if any
  • Clean and disinfect desks, counter tops and tables
  • Spot clean walls, partitions, file cabinets, door jambs etc.
  • Sanitize drinking fountains, door handles, sinks & other contact areas
  • Dust mop and damp mop hard surface and resilient floors
  • Vacuum carpets and mats and arrange chairs
  • Vacuum stairs, sanitize hand rails and mop spills
  • Clean entrance door glass
  • Spot clean partitions and interior door glass
  • Clean elevators if any
  • Vacuum under desks
  • Clean and dust all copiers, work machines, printers & copiers
  • Clean up to 2 Microwaves (more than 2 extra charge)
  • Clean and Sanitize Rest Rooms
  • Empty all receptacles and replace liners as required
  • Clean, disinfect and polish sinks, counter tops and mirrors
  • Clean, disinfect and polish fixtures, faucets, rails and dispensers
  • Clean and disinfect toilets and urinals
  • Spot clean all tile walls and partitions with disinfectant cleaner
  • Refill, clean and disinfect paper goods and soap dispensers
  • Sweep and damp mop floors with disinfectant
  • Clean showers with disinfectant cleaner
  • Dusting high & low

Maryco Basic Service: For Janitorial Services In Indianapolis

Cleans All Common Areas:

  • Trash removal
  • Restrooms cleaned & Sanitized
  • Cleaning Breakrooms
  • Entryways cleaned
  • Conference rooms cleaned
  • Vacuum high traffic areas

Maryco Economy Service: For Janitorial Services In Indianapolis

The Bare Minimum:

  • This service is trash removal
  • Restrooms are sanitized & paper products refilled-(paper towels etc)
  • Break area cleaned
  • The facility is spot checked for any cleaning problems

Special Cleaning Services: For Janitorial Services In Indianapolis

1. Initial Office Cleaning Service:

  • This is done the first time we clean your office.
  • It’s more involved than the other janitorial service programs
  • This service includes cleaning vertical surfaces as well as everything contained in the Elite Service.
  • Many clients want this initial cleaning service program on a yearly basis to complement their regular janitorial service schedule.

2. Spring Office Cleaning Service:

  • This is basically the same as the Initial Cleaning Service except it’s used as a compliment to the normal weekly cleaning.
  • This service can be done once or twice a year and is not as timely as the Initial Cleaning Service.
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