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Questions: 1. Why can’t you just give me a price over the phone?
• The short answer is:
• No two buildings in the world are the same size, and shape with the same features.
• It would be unfair to you for us to guess a price over the phone.
• In addition, why would we want to deprive you of meeting one of our remarkable and accommodating sales people (wink, wink). That would just be a shame!

2. Can’t you just give me a ball park figure?
• The problem with ball park figures, they’re never close.
• And we don’t want to irritate you if our actual quote is very different from the ball park figure. (been there; done that!)
• There’s a special formula we use to be accurate, and fair as possible.
• Sorry, we promise the pain will be minimal.

3. Why are your estimates a bit more than most?
• Because, to give you what you want and need, requires superior customer service performance. In reality nothing else will do.
• Ok, let’s be honest, you’re here because you are on yet another journey.
• A journey on the lookout for that elusive; magical; all great and powerful; cleaning service in Indianapolis.
• Sorry, you won’t find it. But, there’s unbelievable news, here’s a short story:

Not long ago, one of our janitors forgot to empty an overfilled trash can from the weekend. It was the busy season for our client.
The contact emailed our salesperson.
Without thinking, the salesperson got in the car and jetted over to the client’s office.
And, emptied the trash can within an hour of notification.

• Ask yourself, what you really want in a cleaning service?
• As just mentioned, we aren’t going to be perfect by any means.
• But we promise to give you consistent cleaning every day.
• As well as accessible and responsive customer service.
Please click here: to read our engaging services page for a more in depth list.
Questions: 1. Does Maryco clean in the daytime?
• No, in our experience, cleaning during the day is a lot less productive and more time consuming.
• This means more labor time.
• Also, Important to mention, the office won’t be as clean because of limited accessibility.
• Cleaning in the daytime isn’t cost effective for our company.

2. Does Maryco clean windows or carpet?
• Sorry, but no.
• In our years in business, we’ve found it’s hard to focus on more than one profession and perform remarkable at that profession.
• We center all efforts on one profession; cleaning your office.
• But, as a compromise we keep trusted window and carpet cleaning vendors on our preferred list.
• What does this mean?
• We will arrange them to contact you and come out for an estimate at no charge to you.
• We only provide this service for our clients.
• We understand how hard it is to find adequate services without strong recommendations from someone that’s trusted.
• Forming our business in such a manner, allows the other professionals to be remarkable at their crafts.

3. Do you clean on the weekends (Saturday & Sunday)
• As part of your regular cleaning schedule, no we don’t.
• We clean on the weekends for the following exceptions:
• When we clean your office for the first time (Initial Cleaning) this cleaning is done on Saturdays.
• The Initial Cleaning takes many hours to finish, and isn’t feasible to complete during a normal cleaning night.
• As an emergency service for you.
• There may be times during the year where you need extra cleanings.
• This may cost more, but we will try our best to accommodate you.

4. How soon can you start?
• This depends on a few criteria:
• Your needs:
• Usually, we can start the very next Saturday (after the signing of the agreement) with the Initial Cleaning.
• Holidays:
• If it’s a holiday weekend, the Initial Cleaning will move to the next Saturday.
• If there is no room in the schedule, the Initial Cleaning will move to the next available Saturday.
1. Can your janitors speak English?

• Yes, even though we hire all nationalities, all of our employees must be able to communicate in English.

2. Are we going to have the same janitor every night?

• Yes and no.
• You will retain the same janitor in your office every night unless:
• The janitor goes on vacation or has earned time off.
• The janitor is ill and can’t report to duty.
• The janitor no longer is a fit for your office, due to many complaints from you or the janitor can’t handle the work load.
• The janitor resigns.
• The janitor is released.
• As you can see, these are normal situations which occur in many businesses as well as, I would suspect, your own.
• The whole point , you won’t need to worry. Maryco has only missed one night of cleaning in 10 years. And that was due to a snow and ice storm in the city.
• Remember, we always strive for “Consistent Office Cleaning Today And Every Day!”

3. Does Maryco perform background checks on employees?

• Of course, before a new janitor is left in your office by themselves a background check is completed.

4. Are your janitors subcontractors?

• No, all janitors are Maryco employees
Questions: 1. Who gets the keys to my office?

• When we begin a relationship with you, we will require two keys:
• One is given to the janitor cleaning your office.
• The second key is given to the supervisor responsible for the janitor cleaning your office.

2. Why does Maryco need two keys?

We need two keys for:

• Quality control. The supervisor needs a key to inspect your facility. This can only be done once the janitor has completed his cleaning for the evening.
• If the janitor is ill or has earned time off. The supervisor will need to clean your office.
• If for some reason, one of the keys stops working, a backup key is available.
• This prevents us contacting you at 3am in the morning for access to your office.
• You’ll thank us in the morning.

3. How will I know the building is secure?

• You will know, just as you know when your employees leave and secure the office every evening; trust.
• This is why we suggest each of us try our best to build a quality relationship.
• Over the years so many janitorial services are treated as step children and not as honorary members of your company, so this is how they act.
• This hampers trust, comradery and loyalty on both sides.
• Business means so much more than money. Great relationships; that’s business; just as in any other facet of our lives.
• We have been securing buildings since 2005. We have systems in place that insure alarm setting and secured doors.
Questions: 1. Why should I read Maryco Blog (coming soon!) and sign up for your newsletter?

• A highly interactive medium with straightforward talk for clients of janitorial services.
• Leave comments, ask questions and get answers to the mystery of interacting with today’s janitorial services.
• Hope to see you there!
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2. How will Maryco College (coming soon!) help my company?

• Maryco College is a knowledge base to help you build a great relationship with your janitorial service.
• Why? So that you can stop the madness of hiring and firing cleaning services on a habitual basis.
Products will include:
 Special Reports
 How To Articles
 Downloadable Podcasts
 E-books
 Surveys
 Interviews with industry experts
• All designed to create a booming relationship with your office cleaning service.
• Never hire another cleaning service again!

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