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Consistent Office Cleaning Today And Every Day


“Can you expect to go to heaven for nothing? Did not our savior track the whole way to it with his tears and blood? And yet you stop at every little pain.”
-St. Elizabeth Ann Seton


The year 2005: What do you do when you’re married with five children, and your husband goes down hard with an injured Achilles tendon? In addition, he can’t work for a year. In effect, causing total bankruptcy for your family on the financial side as well as the emotional side?

If your name is Mary Kathleen Jacobs, you get off your butt; make some flyers; buy some vinegar and paper towels. Furthermore, you commandeer a mop and a vacuum cleaner. All the while, you call each of your friends, and appeal, if they know anyone needing their house cleaned. Bam! Now, that’s what a real old school woman does.

She doesn’t abandon her husband at a time of destitution and low self-worth. She rises up, and holds on, until he’s able to get back in the game. There aren’t many who rock like that these days! This Indianapolis cleaning service company started in 2005. And, you would think that any business bursting with a foundation like this, has to be something special.

We’re Not Trying To Be The Best; Just The Best For You!

This statement is short simple and true. We serve at your pleasure. But, don’t take our word. Instead, decide for yourself and check out the list below.
The list is divided into two sections:


• Replace your current janitorial service provider now! That’s what we do. This is the reason for your visit. You’re having problems and need an alternative now.
• You want consistent cleaning now! At its core, consistency is what we believe you want. You want your facility in order today and every day ; no excuses.
• What’s your stress? What’s your problem? What’s your pain? Let’s build a relationship that means something. So that together; we can cut the junk!


• You want to lower or eliminate, complaints from coworkers, clients and the big boss! This point is huge, because as they blabber, stuff rolls downhill. Every day, there’s something new. It gets old quick, doesn’t it?
• When a problem happens, you want: cooperation; communication; and total elimination. No excuses!
• And the big daddy of them all: You want to never; ever; slave through the thankless process of hiring another janitorial service company as long; as you; shall live! And on this we are compelled to agree.
• Ok, all this for the low (low price of …) Contact Commercial Cleaning Indianapolis Now To Find Out!

Are We Speaking Your Language?

If what we’re saying is connecting with you, then we’re honored. Listen, this is our proposition. Relax; take your time; let what you’ve read soak in. We’re here; we’re patient. We aren’t going anywhere.

We know sometimes building rapport takes time. So, let’s just stay in touch. As you ponder our relationship, let us occasionally send you some information? In effect, adding to your search for a new office cleaning service. This information will be valuable to you now, and in the future, even if in the end, you choose not to develop a relationship with us.

Either way, try to remember Maryco Cleaning Service is the janitorial service that will always strive to have your best interests at heart. Nuff Said!