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In our experience, if these items aren’t important to you; your motivation to improve our relationship will be low. And in fact, sooner or later you will fire us. It’s painful leaving the service of our client on incurable terms, but it happens. Moreover, the question yearning to be asked, isn’t whether you’re right or we’re right, but whether we’re right for each other?
These days businesses rush to choose vendors. For one thing, vendors aren’t permanent employees. Likewise, now that I reflect more, tons of companies rush to choose employees as well. When choosing vendors we must begin to view them as part of the company. In particular, services such as janitorial services, office cleaners, carpet cleaners or window cleaners.
Why? Because in many cases, vendors may serve you several times per month. In addition, a janitorial service could obligate themselves to you, five years, ten years or more. Many times, building maintenance companies are with you longer than current employees! Wow, that previous statement is a valid point to consider.
Look, the point here; take your time. Slow down and be patient. Begin to choose the commercial cleaning service company that’s a snug fit for you and your company. You won’t regret it. Business is about relationships; trust and loyalty being at the top of that list. And anyone who believes different, will have a hard time hiring and maintaining the best quality janitorial services in Indianapolis.
Being as honest as possible, if you just want a warm body to clean some toilets and mop some floors; we aren’t the office cleaning service for you. Without a doubt, any incompetent cleaner can do that. Furthermore, you might be better off choosing someone else, while continuing the practice of hiring multiple commercial cleaning service companies every year or so. I must ask, is this what you truly want?


The clear issue here; you as an office manager hate the search for a new office cleaning service. Especially, if you have to perform the task multiple times in a year or two. Our sincere goal for you is to stop the madness, and cease this mind numbing task for the life of your business. Even, if in essence, we aren’t that service. This sounds beautiful right?   Now, if you want to develop a true relationship, built on trust, respect, loyalty and honor, then we’d love to work with you, and build something special.

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